Why is it worthwhile for Suppliers and Contractors to cooperate with Oferteo

The Oferteo service allows quick and effective contacting of those that seek products and services with their prospective Suppliers and Contractors. Already in the first five years of operation on the Polish market we have achieved over a million established contacts and several thousand Companies have gained new Customers. Those figures are self-explanatory. Why is the Oferteo service so effective and why is it worthwhile for the Suppliers and Contractors to cooperate with it?

When the Customer is searching

When the Customer is searching – all you need to do is let yourself be found

The Suppliers and Contractors registered in the service are notified by e-mail of all new Customers who fit the declared profile and line of operation. Once the Company has decided that the order is attractive, it obtains the Customer’s contact data and executes the required sales activities. The Company cooperating with Oferteo lets itself be found to those that seek products or services in its offer – it gains a constant access to a source of new Customers.

82% of the consumers seek information in the Internet

Internet – this is where the Customers are waiting

As many as 82% of the consumers seek information in the Internet related to products and services they require. 67% of all web users do their shopping on-line. Companies offering the desired products and services should come across their potential Customers. Oferteo allows your company to reach Customers that prefer seeking for Suppliers and Contractors via the Internet. This eliminates spatial and communication related limitations. Companies find customers both from their own region, as well as from all those regions, which previously were unavailable for their offer to reach.

New Customers? This is quite simple!

New Customers? This is quite simple!

We can prove that obtaining new Customers does not have to be time-consuming. Oferteo does a lot of work on its own: it reaches the Customer searching for services or products, builds up contacts, sometimes even verifies such a contact by phone, specifies the expectations and confirms its readiness to buy. What is more, information about the new order is forwarded to the Company even within a few minutes. This allows saving human resources and time, which – instead of looking for new contacts – may be designated for professional handling of a Customer of importance for the company.

Professionalism and reliability – this is what the Customers seek!

Oferteo means not only a possibility of gaining new contacts. We know that good reputation and sales skills are absolutely necessary for companies to achieve success. That is why Oferteo allows access to Suppliers and Contractors to additional tools that assist promotional activities and the sales process. They include among others the following:

Professionalism Dedicated company visiting card - enables building corporate reliability by providing a professional presentation of the Company, its experience in the sector, a comprehensive offer and full contact data.

References and comments - after the completed transaction comments may be posted via Oferteo and references from satisfied Customers collected. In such a way the Company gains the possibility of building the image of a solid and credible entity.

Oferteo Academy - we allow access free of charge to a collection of articles concerning rules for effective sales and principles for operation of our service.

Our goal is effectiveness

Our goal is effectiveness

Quick response, verification of contacts, professional knowledge as basis for handling the Customer and the sales – all those obvious advantages bring about measurable outcomes thanks to cooperation with Oferteo. Our Customers emphasise the effectiveness of the operation of our service and its efficiency – even 80% of the contacts lead to a transaction. As compared to other methods of obtaining Customers, cooperation with Oferteo is cheaper, quicker and allows measurable results.

You can always count on us

You can always count on us

In the Oferteo office group of dedicated consultants is at your service, always ready to assist at each stage of cooperation with the Suppliers and Contractors. During the sales process the consultants provide all the required assistance and advise on ways of enhancing the effectiveness and achieving success of the market. Companies can contact the consultants quite conveniently by e-mail or via the provided contact form.

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