Why is ordering and buying with Oferteo to your advantage

Oferteo is a place for all persons who seek specific products and services and who value first of all convenience and want to save time and money. Our consultants are always at their service to assist in helping find a good and trustworthy Supplier or Contractor to execute your order. 142 707 Companies, registered in our database, ready to take up cooperation and draw up a dedicated offer, are waiting for you.

Learn the 7 key advantages from cooperating with us:

You make the best choice

1. You make the best choice

Oferteo gives you a choice that allows you to select the best sale offer of the sought product or provision of a service. We know that you would be taking into consideration a good price, quick implementation of the order, and also the reliability and trustworthiness of the Company you come into contact with. That is why our consultants forward your needs to carefully selected Companies interested in executing the order. As an effect you will receive dedicated offers which you can compare and make an objective choice of the one that best meets your needs.

You save 80% of time

2. You save 80% of time

Instead of wasting time for laborious browsing of hundreds of webpages, announcements or leaflets or making numerous phone calls in search of the appropriate product Supplier or Contractor offering the specific services, all you need to do is use the Oferteo.cz. You must only spend a few minutes to describe your expectations and our consultants will pass them on to carefully selected Companies. Only the interested Suppliers or Contractors contact you to present their offer with the price and additional information. Oferteo’s assistance in obtaining dedicated offers shortens the time necessary to find a good Supplier or Contractor even by 80%. Already 319 598 companies and natural persons have already benefitted from our support.

You specify what it is you need in a simple way

3. You specify what it is you need in a simple way

Thanks to our assistance you do not have to leave home or your company to find the needed Suppliers of products and services, and the time of day poses no limit to submission of a request for a quotation. Special forms that assist in using our service may be filled out 24/7.

Your involvement is free of charge, safe and without any ensuing obligations

4. Your involvement is free of charge, safe and without any ensuing obligations

The inquiry for offers made via Oferteo is free of charge. We guarantee that the data of our users are appropriately secured – we only pass them on to Companies clearly interested in executing the given order. Right from the beginning of our operation on the Polish market over a million offershave been placed with our assistance. One should also bear in mind that obtaining offers from Companies does not oblige you to actually make the purchase.

You undertake cooperation with trustworthy Companies

5. You undertake cooperation with trustworthy Companies

The database of our Suppliers or Contractors keeps expanding, and we do our best to assure that all companies registered in it are reliable and solid. The extensive system of visiting cards, comments and references allows the potential customer to get to know the Company with which it intends to launch cooperation. This is also a place where after a completed transaction you can post your comments about the Company and recommend it to subsequent Customers. What is more, we also help persons who have received an offer from a given Company to get into direct telephone or mail contact with the previous Customers to learn all details concerning the cooperation and the implementation of similar orders.

Suppliers and Contractors available on the spot

6. Suppliers and Contractors available on the spot

There are no available deadlines, you have to make reservations in advance – this is not the kind of explanation you are likely to hear from Suppliers or Contractors that undertake handling the job or order through Oferteo.cz. We guarantee that Companies that decide to contact you will carry out the transaction within the agreed scope and in the time horizon specified in the inquiry. As contact is undertaken by decision-makers, it allows further negotiations and laying down specific rules for cooperation.

7. You obtain an effective tool for corporate acquisitions

You obtain an effective tool for corporate acquisitions

Oferteo is an effective tool for Companies, which not only allows gaining new Customers, but also finding new Suppliers of products and services. You no longer have to seek offers on your own, because you can receive them through us. The process of finding bidders via Oferteo.cz guarantees neutrality and transparency to your Company. The obtained offers allow savings in the budget, because the proposed conditions may prove to be more advantageous than the ones offered by hitherto Suppliers. Thanks to us you can save time and money with no additional costs ensuing.

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